Are you ready for the Gmail and Yahoo email changes?

Starting in February 2024, Google, via Gmail, and Yahoo will require bulk senders to authenticate their emails, allow for easy unsubscription for recipients and for senders to stay under a reported spam threshold.

What’s classed as a ‘bulk sender’?

Gmail has classified this as anyone who sends more than 5,000 emails a day. now this ay not be many businesses within the housing association sector or registered providers of affordable home ownership schemes like Shared Ownership, but when contacting your database with updates, newsletters or marketing messages about new homes, you may find your recipient list hitting that 5,000 threshold.

From February 2024, senders will be required to meet the following three requirements:

  1. Authenticate their emails with relevant email security, domain authenticity and deliverability standards. This includes having SPF and DKIM on domains, and DMARC for email security.

    At KPro Software, we have implemented these standards on our domain to ensure optimum deliverability of your emails via our email campaign tools.
  2. Enable easy and actionable unsubscribe options for recipients. This means being able to unsubscribe in one click, manage your preferences of the types of mail your recipients want to receive, snd for senders to process any change requests to subscriptions on their database within two days.

    With a fully integrated CRM database to manage your leads and contacts via our Centralised Leads module, integration of a third party email platform or the in-platform use of our Email Campaign tool ensures real-time updates to your database, making it as simple for you to manage, as it is for your recipient to update their preferences.
  3. Keep low spam scores at all times, ensuring you are sending relevant messages, to relevant inboxes of your database. With a maximum threshold of a 0.3% spam report required, segmenting your data and sending only requested information via email has never been more important.

    By integrating our Application form to your Centralised Leads, you can capture more, relevant, segementable data about your leads, from what areas they are looking to buy in, where they work, and the size of the home they’re after. By capturing this greater level of detail about your prospective buyers, you will be able to send relevant, non-spammy communication out (as well as likely see a better engagement rate and faster sales!)

At KPro we’ve taken the required steps to ensure our clients’ email tool is ready for the changes, reducing any concern for the deliverability of their email campaigns. If you’d like to find out more about our Email Campaign tool with the KPro Software suite, contact us today to arrange a demo and chat.

Jo Short
Partnerships & Marketing Director

About The Author

Working in affordable home ownership sales & marketing roles for over 16 years, Jo brings a blend of client and customer insight, creative outputs and collaborative thinking to data-led strategies & our KPro services and tools.